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How to Use Google Calendar – more than first meet the eye

Do you use Google Calendar? If so are you using it to its full potential? Today I am looking at some of the functions that I use often, like sharing an event and/or a calendar. This is the second tutorial in my series about Google apps, and I hope you can learn something new from each one of them.

I am now down to filming and editing for just one week at a time, and will continue doing so until the holidays are over and we are settled in our new home. I will eventually get back to having two weeks of material ready at all times but for now this will work.
I am learning more and more for every tutorial I am doing, and I really enjoy changing up my talking head videos with one tutorial each week.
I am getting closer to the end of my first year on YouTube, which in itself is amazing. I have gotten to learn to know so many fantastic people on my journey, and I have learned so much.
I have always said that after the first year I will evaluate and see where I want to take my channel in the future. I will still do so, but maybe not until the end of January, 13 months, so I can take in account all the changes that is coming up on YouTube with the consequences from the COPPA settlement.

So let’s get to today’s video