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How to write a great Instagram caption

Today I keep on working on Instagram, I want to learn as much as possible and share it with you, and today I have studied how to write the best possible Instagram captions.
I have read several articles, watched a lot of YouTube videos, and together we are trying to follow all the best practices as I use an old photo from 1988.

What are the best practices?

There are quite a few tips and tricks I have found and I will try and use them all in the video but some of the more important are;

  • Write a draft, don’t add your caption on the go
  • Try to use the first 20 characters to hook your audience
  • Write an engaging story, 1-2 paragraphs
  • add value, inspire, educate, laughter
  • ask questions to increase interaction
  • use hashtags (#hashtag) and emojis strategically

Does it make a difference?

I don’t know that yet. I posted a while ago and have not looked back at the post since. But I must say it felt more fulfilling to put some thought into my post and I think that if you really want to create posts that are starting a conversation this is important.
I know that I for sure will put more effort into my own Instagram posts after this.

So to the video…

My final thoughts

This was very interesting and I learned a lot. As I say my approach to Instagram posts will most definitely change after this, and I hope you got something useful out of this video.
In my next video about Instagram, I will learn more about stories, another fun way of posting to Instagram.