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I am nervous, and it’s so silly

Looking over my schedule for this week I realize that tomorrow is my first day of filming, and I am so nervous. There is no logical reason for this, After all it is just me and the camera, or in my case my cell phone, but still I am more nervous than I have been in a very long time. Irrational, I know, but how do you get over it,

Today I finished the script for my first episode, and if things go as I hope it will, the first episode will be shortly over 10 minutes. My worry is that it will not be interesting enough, or that I will be boring. I m pretty satisfied with the script so now it is all about execution. I also made some graphics to be inserted in my first video.

I have also started to think about how I will present my channel on my about page, and how I best can present each individual video. It is still just in a very initial format, but it feels great that I have started this part of the project. There is really much more that goes in to starting a YouTube channel than I would never have thought. And after all this, you can only hope that someone wants to watch what you are putting out there.

Today’s blog will be very short, I am to nervous to really formulate any thoughts. Tomorrow I will start the day in the gym, which hopefully can release some of the stress.