PixelPia Never Stop Learning

I did it!

I actually finished the channel plan today. The part I’ve been struggling with earlier was to find other channels similar to what I am thinking about creating. But I did a lot of searching today and found three that can be somewhat similar to what my content idea is. But they are also very different.

As I stated earlier, my main concept is a comparison between Sweden and US, with a bit of humor, from my perspective,  a 60 year old woman, who moved from Sweden to US 16 years ago. My early impressions of my new country versus today, what I have come to realize is typical Swedish, and what American thinks is Swedish. Things that can help someone adjusting easier in both Sweden and in USA.

So is there channels like that on YouTube? I found some that could fall in that category, but not many. And there are some fundamental differences. First I noticed that they were all channels created by men, young men to be more precis. Secondly, they were all living in Sweden, one is Swedish, the other two are Americans. Third, they were very much focused on Sweden and how it is to live there, not so much about the aspect of being new in USA.

So how will this help me on my YouTube journey? I don’t really know right now. Did I approach this search from the wrong angle? Should I revise the content idea? Right now I feel more confused than I did before I looked at other channels. What I will do is let my channel plan rest for a couple of days, and just try to get some actual filming done instead. Not creating actual content, just vlogging a bit so I can get used to being in front of the camera, and play around with editing. And maybe, when I revisit my plan in a few days, I will see it in a different light.

Whether I will continue in the direction I had planned or not, this process, including blogging about it helps me staying focused. Something that I usually struggle with.