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I start again, a journey around social media

I always have ideas and plans for what I want to create and do online. And so many times I start on things, and then life happens, and I let other aspects of my life take over.
So here we go again, starting my blog. The main reason I will try once again is that I have an idea about throwing myself into the “circus” of social media, and see if it can be relevant for a woman at the age of 60 to be a part of it all.
This blog is where I will keep track of my thoughts, and share my experiences, as I start my journey on the social media ocean. If you are interested in follow along, and see how far it will take me, you are more than welcome.
My first adventure will be YouTube. I am just in the initial planning stage, and in my next blog I will address all the planning, and all the questions I have at the moment.
As a little teaser I give you my first attempt of filming. This will be a long journey.