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I think I found a rhythm

I think I have found a rhythm that works well for me for this project. Yesterday I filmed and edited my 7th video. It went so much smoother than ever before. Today I wrote my script for my 9th video, and did all the necessary research and fact check. Video #8 was already written and researched.

Tomorrow night I will film, then edit on Thursday. Friday will be filming again, and Saturday will be editing, and starting on next weeks script. I have ideas planned until either the end of July if I stick with uploading one video per week. But if I instead increase my upload to two videos per week starting in February I have material that will cover the month of April.

So if I can keep this rhythm going. Sunday – planning, then start Monday filming, Tuesday writing, Wednesday filming, Thursday editing, Friday filming, Saturday editing and writing, I will be in really good shape. And the best part i that it is still very entertaining to do all this.

I have found my rhythm