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I wrote a book

I actually did it. Never have I thought of myself as a writer, but the work I did to create the video series about personal growth, and writing this blog, made me decide to publish it as an e-book. I have no idea if anyone will be interested in buying it but what do I have to lose?

I usually never hesitate to do something new, but today, when I had uploaded the file and set yo my shop, I couldn’t hit the go button. I don’t know why I was so nervous to go forward. It is very much based on the blogs I have been writing here, but somehow the thought of asking people to pay for something I create is not easy for me.

Now, when I have published I feel better, and I’ve learned something new about myself. I am still very much a product of “the law of Jante” and don’t think my work has any monetary value. Now I have something new to work on in my personal growth and this was the first step. So let me share the link with you and you can take a sneak peek.