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Inquiry Based Learning, How to Teach and Learn Using Students Questions

Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) is not something new, the term was created in the 1960 ‘s during the discovery learning movement. But it still has validity in today’s schools, and is a method that is relatively easy to implement in any classroom.
It builds on students questions and ideas, and promotes cooperation, critical thinking, and evidence based solutions.

I got sick again, and haven’t been able to catch up, I am still very behind, but for some reason it doesn’t worry me at all as it used to. I am finishing Friday’s video as I am writing, and then I am ready to film next weeks videos tonight.
I have realized that as long as I get my material filmed, I can relax a bit. I am still editing on my phone, which gives me the freedom to edit wherever I am and I am not bound to my desk.
I am still working on how to best film Monday’s tutorial, and I have a few more test to do, but it is even getting easier to handle the tutorials. And I am learning a lot from doing them.

So to today’s video