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Instagram For Hobbies And More; new user tutorial 2020

Today I am slightly changing direction. I want to make a series about social media and the internet for beginners, probably for baby boomers and gen X who didn’t grow up with all this technology. And my first stop is Instagram, the photo and video sharing app.
I was surprised to find out that only23 % of all 50-64-year-olds are using Instagram, and if we look at 65+ the number is 8 %, those numbers are from 2019.
With that in mind, I thought it was about time to show what Instagram has to offer more than fashion, makeup, and models.

More to come

This will be my first video in a short series about Instagram, but I am planning and continue with other apps and web sites, The numbers I found may speak for themselves

App50-64 yrs65+

As you can see besides YouTube and Facebook the 50+ community is not very active on social media and I think we need to change that.
If you have any suggestions about other apps or websites that I should make a tutorial about please use this form to send me your ideas.

My video

Since a tutorial about Instagram is built on the visual I will embed my video here and not try to explain in words how it works

Link to my YouTube channel

My final thoughts

I think it is important that we have a presence of all genders, all ages, all beliefs, and thoughts on the Internet, and by doing this series I hope to influence some more 50+ to give it at least a try. Looking at the numbers I think YouTube is probably the best way to try to reach this age group and I will do my best.
I would appreciate if you share this blog and/or my video, maybe you can think of someone that could benefit from being on Instagram.