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Instagram Privacy and Security Settings

Today I am continuing my series about Instagram for beginners, and we are taking a look at privacy and security settings as my main goal, but I am also taking a quick look at the general settings and walk through some of the more important ones in my eyes.

What are privacy and security?

When you are starting your internet journey safety might be one of your concerns, and it should be. We have all heard horror stories about how hackers have stolen information.
But rest ashore there is a lot you can do to protect yourself. Most important is to not put any confidential and personal information online.
But when it comes to Instagram you can control who can see what you are posting and who can interact with your posts. All that is done under the privacy settings. While security is where you can change your password, add two-factor authentication, which I recommend, and if you wish save the log-in information.

Let me show you

Instead of trying to write about the settings let me show you the video;

Settings in Instagram

My final thoughts

I really think that Instagram is a great app for beginners that want to be present on the Internet. It is so much more than makeup and models, and I think everybody can find there own little corner of Instagram.
On Monday I will wrap up this short series, and if you have any questions or ideas just let me know using this form to let me know.