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Interacting on Instagram

Instagram for beginners

You have maybe just started your Instagram, posted a few photos, and now it is time to start interacting with other users on the platform. Today I will show how you can follow other users, how to like what they have posted, how to send a direct message, a DM, both as text, a photo, and a voice message. So let’s just take a look at the video =.

What is next?

Instagram is so much more than photos and videos, and maybe you are more of a storyteller.
My next series of videos will be about how you can easily start your first podcast using Anchor. This is a very easy way of sharing your story, your opinion, anything you are interested in just by talking, and I was surprised when I first came in contact with Anchor how easy it was to get started.

My final thoughts

I think Instagram is an excellent platform for anyone, it is relatively easy to use even for beginners, and I hope that this series has inspired some of you to at least give it a try.
But not all of us are confident about putting our faces out there so maybe if you don’t want to share photos, but still have something that interests you and you want to share with the world, maybe a podcast is a way for you to go. So if you are interested in an easy way to start a podcast, come back on Thursday, October 15 for an introduction to podcasting