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Never Stop Learning

Internet and Lifelong Learning

This week I will focus on the internet as a source for lifelong learning, which also will be the theme for my live stream on Wednesday night. You are all invited to be a part of the discussion.

New focus

This last year has put learning on the internet in a new focus. We have seen schools closed, trying to find ways to offer our children education using the internet. Some with great success, others failing, all depending on the respective school districts’ readiness for, and investment in online learning tools.
As more focus is directed to the internet and learning I hope we can have a discussion about how and why we should use the web for learning.

New focus on online learning

Types of learning

When we discuss learning in general, and learning online in particular we talk about three types of learning.
First, we have professional learning, either in learning for a certification like a teaching degree or to continually improve our craft.
The second is is for personal development, this might be anything from learning how to lose weight to improve your public speaking skills.
The third area is learning for fun, for example learning to play an instrument or cooking Italian food.

Learning purposes

Learning resources

The web is full of both formal and informal learning resources, all from online college to course sites, as well as articles and videos for learning.
In the live stream, I will share some of my personal favorites in all these areas, and I hope you will share yours.
Learning never stops, and the more we share experiences and resources with each other, the easier it will be for everybody to set goals and reach them.

Learning resources

Do you want to be a part of my live stream?

I have a public calendar on Google where all topics for my upcoming live streams are published. The streams are usually starting on Wednesdays at 9:30 PM CST, and if any of the topics interests you, I have the email address in the description where you can contact me for the possibility to be a guest. You can also email me with suggestions of topics regarding the internet and social media that you would like me to cover in the future.

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