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Is College Online A Good Idea? – The Pros & Cons

Is college online a good idea? The pros and cons of going to college online will hopefully help you in your choice. Going to college is a commitment, and doing it online is sometimes more demanding of you and your capability of self management and dicipline. But the cons are more than that, you need to be setup with technology, not let the life around you become a hindrance, and be aware of scams. But there are so many pros by choosing an online college. It is flexible and don’t demands to much change in your regular life. It is usually cheaper, and easier to adjust to your preferred learning styles. So is going to college the right choice for you? Only you can answer that question, but I hope this video about the pros & cons of studying online will make that decision easier.

This is my last but one video in the series about study online. I have enjoyed filming and editing these videos a lot, and I think my editing has improved a lot just in these few videos. I am now moving forward, and once again I have more ideas than I have time.

Yesterday I streamed a little bit just to ask you, my audience, what you would like to see next and I got some really great ideas. I will most definitely work on those.

So now to today’s video, I hope you will enjoy!