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Is homework really necessary?

Today’s video is about homework, and how necessary it really is. This topic has been debated for a very long time, and the consensus has shifted as time changed. I will give you a short history, and the arguments for and against homework, and as always I will give you my opinion.
I hope that you will be part of the discussion in the comment box of the video, or in the comments right here, and we can have a debate of homework’s worth, but remember to respect each other and each others opinions.

The quality of this video is not the best, my white balance was totally off and I had no time to re film, and the message is more important than looking at my face anyway. I have fixed it now, but I could’t redo this video.

I have now filmed all videos for September, and the first one for October. All of October is planned, and I am still a bit sad about the fact that I wont be able to do my Halloween inspired month, but next year, and maybe I can get some little extra bits in there.

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And please take part in the discussion about the need of homework, comment here or on YouTube.