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Never Stop Learning

Just Do It

It’s time again. Video Number two goes up in just a few hours. It is not as nerve-racking as last week, but I am still a bit shaky. I wonder how long it will take before I can feel confident for a video going public?
I am still learning so much, and enjoying every minute of it.

Today I started thinking about my late husband, Louie, who was a videographer, and how I never really understood how he could spend a whole night editing videos. And look at me now, seven years after he passed away, and I can spend half a night to work on my videos without a problem. I just regret that I wasn’t interested back then. He could have taught me so much about editing, and filming. Now I have to learn through trial and error, a method I am very familiar with.

I took a look at my channel plan today, especially my three month goals, and realized that they will really have to be updated. Mostly because it was so much I didn’t understand about how YouTube works when I started this project back in November. Now that I start to learn and understand there are so many different ways you can measure things that I wasn’t even aware of when I wrote my channel plan.
I have also reached one of my three months goal already, that is to have 15 subscribers, after just one week and one video plus the trailer for the channel I have 16 subscribers.

Even though that is a nice number, and I am happy about that, it is not something I would put in my goals if I was to write a channel plan today.
Today I would focus more on impressions click-through rate, and average view duration, Things I didn’t even know existed before I started this.
I wouldn’t even have number of subscribers in my goals. It is not interesting who many subscribers you have if they are not interested in watching your videos.

But I will not go in and change any of my goals until I reach the three month point. What I have decided though is that in February I will increase my uploads to be two per week. This is just because I have to much fun doing this, and at the moment I have eight videos uploaded and scheduled to my channel, another video filmed and ready to be edited, and a schedule for another 21, yes twenty-one, videos ready to be filmed.
Some that still need some fact check and research, but many of them will be easily scripted.

I also want to start film more b-roll to use in my videos. Right now I am just a talking-head creator with some added photos, and some text overlays. But I want to develop more dynamic videos, even as a talking-head. These are things I never thought about before I started just doing it.

If I was to give anyone that want to start a YouTube channel any advice today, it would most definitely be;
Just do it!
You will learn a lot as you try it, both about yourself , but also about filming, editing , and YouTube itself,
You may start out wanting to do one thing, and ending up in a totally different place, and that is OK.
Don’t worry about subscribers, don’t worry about what people will think, don’t worry about anything except if you are happy and satisfied with what you are creating. This was the best decision I have made for myself in a long time, and who knows, maybe it can be your best decision as well.

As always I will end with my bitmoji of the day ……..

anything can happen