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K – 12 Public On-line Schools

What is the difference between a brick and mortar K-12 public school and the on-line version? Today I am taking a look at that. And whom is to benefit from each school model? Are the just the same but one is done from home? Are there any advantages with the on-line alternative? And isn’t the public on-line school just a “lazy” way to homeschool? Those are some of the questions I am trying to answer.

Tomorrow is Halloween, my favorite holiday, and in my live stream tomorrow morning I am going to try to do a Halloween makeup. Feel free to join me at 9 M EST and see if I succeed. I will also talk about why I love Halloween so much, and want you to share your favorite Halloween memory.
I will also talk about the ideal length of YouTube videos, is there such a thing? Is it different for different niches? Maybe it is different for different creators? Come and join that discussion, or anything else you would like to talk about. Or maybe just hang out and have a coffee.

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