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Life Is A Balancing Act – How I Keep the Balance

In life is a balancing act I will share with you what I do to try and balance life’s demands. I will share with you some of my tips and tricks on how I try to balance my internal and external needs. Life is only balanced in very few short moments, that is why it is so important to live in the now so that moment don’t pass you by. This video is about what we can do to strive towards those moments. Life is fluid, but with awareness, reflection, and thoughtfulness it will be much easier to balance the fluidity of life. If we accept the constant changes and don’t let them throw us off balance, our strive towards a better balanced life will improve. I hope you will find this video helpful in these times of so many changes, and that you can improve your own skill in balancing your life.

This video started out as a joke I made at Pusa Studios and when I later thought about it more and more I decided that it was a great idea. I got really inspired both with content and editing, and I thing this is one of my best edited videos to date. I used a lot of b-roll, something I have wanted to integrate in my videos for a long time. I also took extra time to research keywords and titel this time.
The video has only been up for a little more than 12 hours right now but it will be very interesting to see if that wok pays off. No matter what I am really proud of what I created, and that doesn’t happen all the time.

For my next video I am working on a “sort of” tutorial. I am going through my apps on my phone and will present what apps I have that can be used for direct, face-to-face, communication during this time of social distancing.
I will not go through all the details about each app, more introduce to people what possibilities that is out there. If there is a request for any more specific details abut any of these apps I will of course make that later on.

Since we now are down to only two presidential candidates for the election I have also started to gather information about where they both stand when it come to education. I am debating with myself if it is to early to create that video already, but at the same time I think it is a topic that is so important and that I can always do a second video when we get closer to the election, to see if they have changed in any way.

Right now I feel very inspired when it comes to creating videos again, for a short time I felt like I was in a slump, and I started to make a lot of tutorials. I will continue to create those of course since they are both fun and easy to create, but I think that today’s video reminded me about the importance of keeping myself, my thoughts and experiences as a part of what I create. I haven’t made to many talking heads videos lately, and by making the video about balance I realized that if I wan’t to work with more b-roll and layers in my videos that is probably the way to go.
I also very much liked the writing part of this video, and I am thinking about adding this to my very sleepy podcast, since the message is important, and I think the content is very suitable for a podcast.

So by now I hope you are curious about my video about how to practice balance. So let’s get right to it.