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Lifelong Learning Is Distance Education For You?

Lifelong learning and the question if distance learning is right for you is a complicated question that I am not trying to answer. I am just trying to give you the information you might need to make your decision when it comes to your own learning and what best fits you.
If you are specifically interested in college online take a look at my playlist.
Lifelong learning is very important, but how and where we educate ourselves is very individual. I love distance education and distance learning, it fits my learning style, my lifestyle, and my life circumstances, but does it fit You?
Distance learning can be both formal and informal, it can be for graduate education, for professional development, and for personal growth. There are many different types of distance learning, it can be a course online at an accredited college, it can be a hybrid course that includes both distance education and in-class sessions, it can be a conferencing session using audio and video software to be live distancing, and it can be a correspondence course where everything is sent by mail.
The reasons for your learning yourself can be a part of your graduate studies and professional development or online courses on personal growth.

I have finally come up with a new definition of what my channel is going to be about and who my audience is. Much of this work was done with encouragement and help from Pusa Studios.
My focus is lifelong learning, sharing tips and tricks of continuing education no matter if it is a part of your graduate studies and professional development or online courses on personal growth. This is what I have been looking for, for such a long time without being able to get it down on paper.
I have already so many video ideas, and I hope it will work out well. I will also need to do some minor tweaks to my channel art and re-write my about section, but I will wait until I have a few videos up that correlates with the new niche to see how the audience reacts.
Again I feel re-energized when it comes to the work on my channel and video creation. I just wish I had more time to film and edit, but it is what it is.

I also hope that you will be on board with this “new” direction and if you have any suggestions for topics under the umbrella lifelong learning or any specific questions you would like answered in form of a video I hope you will use the link in the top banner and send those to me.
My personal lifelong learning journey goes on as always. I am still learning a lot about video filming and editing, I have just started 2 courses online, and I am learning a lot as I research and prepare for my videos.

Now let’s take a look at today’s video, one thing I am still working on is to be less of a teacher in my videos, and be a bit more personal and approachable. I am not there but I am working on it.

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