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Lifelong Learning Skills; And How You Can Improve Each One

In this video, I will talk about 10 important lifelong learning skills, and how you can improve them. All these skills are improved with every learning experience you have, but there is also a lot you can do to train every one of the 10 learning skills, and today
I will give you a few examples of easy and fun things to improve each one of them. The skills I will be talking about today are, in no particular order, creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, leadership, adaptability, reflection, information management, and curiosity.

My next project is to create a new trailer for my channel, one that really reflects who I make my videos for. I am working on a script at the moment but I will not rush the process, I want to get it just right, and within the 30-second mark. Not as easy as it might sound.
My next couple of videos will be more general tips for anyone studying online, whether for professional development or just personal growth. I also have an idea of making a video for where you can find online courses and programs for both groups.

I am getting fewer views and subscribers at the moment, and it is hard to determine why, it seems like a common theme for many creators at the moment, and I hope it is just a coincidence that it happened at the same time as me narrowing down my content. It is to early to come to any conclusion yet, but I will have a close eye on my statistic.
I don’t think it will change my content, even if it shows that fewer people have an interest, but it would most definitely change how I make my videos. Only time can tell.

So today’s video. I hope you will enjoy it, and whether you are a lifelong learner or not these are tips that we all can benefit from.