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Never Stop Learning

Live tutorial tonight

Tonight I am going to do a live tutorial, we are making Christmas cards in Canva. Of course, you can use this tutorial to make many kinds of cards, birthday cards, graduation cards, get well cards, any type of card you can think of.
You can also choose to send your cards electronically directly from Canva, Download and print them yourself or have Canva print them and send them to you. The alternatives are plenty.
I will mainly work on the free version of Canva tonight, but I will also show some of the alternatives you have if you use the pro version.

When does the live stream start?

My stream will start tonight, Wednesday, Dec. 16th, at 10 PM CST. and I will stream at my youtube channel. And if you are in the live stream you have the opportunity to ask questions as we move along.
Of course, the tutorial will be available as the replay of the live stream is available for those of you that are not able to be a part of tonight’s stream.

Hope to see you there

Here is the link to tonight’s live stream, and I hope to see you there tonight, or that the replay will help you create something great.