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Never Stop Learning

Made a big change

Although I’ve been telling myself not to make any changes until at least the end of January, I couldn’t stop myself. Today I made the change to start uploading two videos per week, Mondays and Fridays.
I already had so many videos uploaded to my channel, that even with this change today I have 6 videos scheduled, and since I have had no problems creating two videos per week up till now, I don’t think this will set me back in any way.

Even though I want to start filming more b roll and enhance my editing, I feel like I am now so familiar with the process that this will only add to the fun.
I have so many ideas I will make videos about. And with the new uploading schedule I still have planned videos that will last me to 19th of April.
I feel that if I want to create an interaction with people that might like my content, once a week is not enough. I know that most of the people I like to watch uploads at least three times per week. But I am not there yet.

This change led to changes in my schedule for this week, since I had some re-editing to do, as well as go over my upload schedule and make sure everything already uploaded are set to go public on the correct day and time.
So in stead of working on next weeks scripts, I spent my time today checking and double checking everything that is uploaded to my channel.
I still have plenty of time for filming and editing this week. As well as creating two scripts for next weeks filming. This weeks script were already done and fact checked.

I hope I made the right decision, but only time can tell. Right now I feel very confident that this is the right step to take.
But right now it is only one step to take, and that it the step towards my bed….