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Make a homepage for your podcast

Now when you are getting close to publish your first episode of your podcast, you need to set up your homepage for the entire podcast as well as the information for the episode.

What to include

Not only do you need a catchy name for your podcast, you need to provide information about what your listeners can expect from your podcast, what kind of content and how often will you publish. You can also include your e-mail if you want your listeners to be able to contact you.

Podcast art

To attract listeners your choice of art can be very important, you need to stand out among other podcasts. You can use text or not, but in my mind the most important part is the image. Make sure it represents the content of your podcast.

Today’s video

In today’s video I will show how easy it is to set up both your podcast page and the information for the episode.

My final thoughts

I hope this series have inspired you to try creating a podcast. It is very easy using just your phone and the Anchor app. In my next video I will show how easy you can do an interview over the phone using the app.