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Make a video call this holiday season

This year everything is different. We can’t be together with our loved ones the way we might be used to, so in today’s video, I will show you two very easy to use apps from Google that can help you make a video call to one person or to a group.
The two apps I am showing is Google Duo, and Google Meet. Both are very easy to use and have their own pros and cons.

Google Duo

Google Duo is the simpler of the two, the drawback with Duo is that the person or persons you want to video call must have Duo installed either on their phone or on their computer. It is very easy to send an invitation to people whit a download link, so that should not be a problem.
The advantages, if the person you are trying to call, and he or she has Duo installed, don’t answer for one reason or another, you can leave a message. This message can be either a text message, a voice message, or a video message.

Google Meet

Google Meet doesn’t require the other participants to have the app installed, all they need is a browser like Google Chrome or any compatible browser. You can send an invite beforehand, or you can start the meeting directly and send the URL to the people you want to participate in the meeting.
People can join the meeting using just the URL, and they can join with or without video. If someone prefers to join with voice only it is OK.
One of the big advantages of Meet is the caption function. If you hit the caption function Google will interpret what you are saying and write it in the text at the bottom of the screen. This is very useful if you have a hearing-impaired participant.
Using Meet you can have up to 100 people joined at the same time, and you can have up to 49 video images shown at the same time.

My final thoughts

Since we might not be able to be close to our loved ones this holiday season a video call might be the best alternative we have. Both of these apps are really easy to use, and I can recommend both of them.
Today’s video was just a very first introduction to Google Duo and Google Meet, but I will do more tutorials about them both later on.