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Never Stop Learning

Messed up yesterday’s filming

I was so happy with my filming yesterday, at least so I thought. But when I started editing I realized that one section was totally messed up so I had to re-film today. I was a bit lazy and choose to just re-film that section.
Not a great idea. The positioning was off, which wasn’t to bad, but for some reason the sound was way different in the new section.
After manipulating the sound a bit I got it to a level that I could still accept. I finished editing, even though I wasn’t totally satisfied with the final result. I will not have time to re-film the whole video, so it is what it is.

So with a fourth episode finished, uploaded and ready to go I have all of Januaries videos in place on YouTube, scheduled to go public every Friday. I took a look at my premiere video again today, and I must say that after just four weeks of filming and editing, I have raised the bar for myself quite a bit. I can already say that there are a lot of things I wish I had done differently in the first video. The learning curve is fast I must say. But I am not changing anything at this point. Instead I will work on, and the quality of my videos will get better and better.

I have also finished the script for video five, and six. Gotten all the photos I am going to use as insert in those videos downloaded, and all necessary links collected. I will, maybe, try to film two videos at once next week. Will definitely make a decision on that when I sit down on Sunday to make my weekly schedule. But I think that if it is possible to create two videos per week I might be able to increase my upload schedule to two days a week starting in February. That would really be great.

I also need to start planning for an easier and more permanent filming set up. Right now I am just filming in my sitting room, mostly at night, and the light surely could be improved upon. I am also thinking about getting a backdrop stand so I can get more variation in my backdrop. But nothing of this must happen right away. This are just future planning.

Today I got to the blog at a decent time, it is only 10:20 here, and maybe I will spend some more time on my list of video ideas. I also want to take a look at my channel plan, and see if I am on the right path. I will not change anything in the plan at this point, but at my three month mark I will revise the plan, and do necessary adjustments to my schedule and planning.
Right now I am feeling totally prepared for this to be a reality. Even though there are both ups and downs on this journey. Who would have thought that 2019 would be the year that I finally started YouTube

The year I started YouTube