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More about Anchor Podcasts

Today I am sharing with you two additional videos about Anchor podcasts, both related to the use of music. In the first one, I talk about why you shouldn’t use Spotify music in your podcast, even though it is available. And in the second one, I show you how you can upload and use your own music, or music you have the rights to use, in your podcast.

Why you shouldn’t use Spotify music in Anchor

Since Spotify bought Anchor it is possible to use Spotify music in your podcast. but there are negative consequences by doing so, and even if it is tempting to be able to add music from the Spotify library, and be able to use music that you would normally not have access to, I believe that the restrictions that come with that choice don’t make it worthwhile. So in the first video, I will give you my 5 reasons why I think this is a bad idea.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Spotify Music In Your Anchor Podcast

How to upload and use your own music

In my second video I will show you how you can use your own music, and music you have the rights to use, in your podcast, both as background music and as music between segments. This is, in my eyes, a much better alternative than using Spotify music and gives you creative control over what and how to use music to enhance your listeners’ experience.
It is just as easy as everything else we have done in Anchor up till this point and I hope you will enjoy the video.

How You Can Use Your Own Music With Anchor

My Final Thoughts

I really think Anchor is an excellent tool for you who want to create a podcast, even if you don’t have any prior experience. Adding music will improve the quality of your podcast, and by that the listeners experience.
I hope these two videos can help you along the way.