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More opposites ISTJ versus ENFP

Am I repeating myself?

Once again I am looking at opposites according to MBTI, and doing this video, and preparing this article, I started to feel like I am just repeating myself but things come in a little different order. I am starting to agree somewhat with the criticism of MBTI as being just stereotypes, at least when doing a surface look as I am doing in this series.
So I will not bore you in today’s article with the characteristics, strengths, areas to improve and so fort in ENFP and ISTJ. Instead, I will just add the funny photos of them in different appearances, and that is it. As last time the images are from The Myer-Briggs Company site in Europe.

ISTJ versus ENFP in their alter egos

So what is next?

At this point, I am not really sure where I stand when it comes to MBTI in general, and the continuance of the personalities I haven’t discussed so far.
At the moment I am thinking of doing a comparison of all the extrovert in one article, and the introverts in another. This time I felt like I was just repeating some stereotypes that could fit anyone.
But as always if you want to see the video I made this week I will link it below