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Never Stop Learning

Musical Intelligence Rhythmical Learner

So my series about the nine types of intelligence is getting on its way. Today I published the fifth episode and the third type of intelligence.
So far the response has been very positive, and I really enjoy doing these videos about teaching and learning, so I might just have found my niche. And that is just after I created a new trailer.

I have been checking in to a couple of live streams with people I like on YouTube, and that has actually resulted in some new subscribers. Who would have known. I really enjoy the live streams, and I will figure out how I can make some myself, I am practicing so soon I will get it right. Another thing to learn about YouTube, but this one is extra fun,

Today is a very short blog, just wanted to keep it up, so far I have been pretty consistent, always popping in here when I publish, which is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and I have even been writing something in between here and there. It feels like I have got a pretty good hang of what I need to do when it comes to the video production and uploading, thumbnails have found their form, so I have more time to take care of the blog.

So to today’s video. It is about Musical Intelligence Rhythmical Learner