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My Favorite Resources For Personal Growth

What I Will Share Today

There are so many resources for personal growth, and many of them are excellent. It would be impossible for me to show all of my favorites here, so I decided to choose three of my favorites in the following three categories today; Blogs, Podcasts, YouTube channels, and Online courses.
I will have a link at the end of this to a document in Google drive where you can find all the links.

My Favorite Blogs

When it comes to blogs there are so many great ones online. I had a really hard time deciding on only three, but I finally did.
Many of these have more than blogs, they have videos, books, courses, etc. but to cover as many resources as possible I will focus on the blogs.

Mark Manson

I first found Mark Manson by listening to his top-selling book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck a counterintuitive approach to living a good life. I will return to that book in my next blog where I talk about books. He doesn’t use the word blog, instead, he writes articles.
He writes articles on many personal growth topics like values, emotions, and relationships just to mention a few. I really appreciate his easy to consume way of writing, and even though I am not always in agreement with his opinions, he always makes me think, and compare what he is writing to with my own life, and who can ask for more when you are reading a blog about personal growth.

Science of People

This is a blog by Vanessa Van Edwards, the best selling author and founder of Science of People.
Just as with Mark Manson, she offers much more than a blog on her web site, but let’s focus on her blog and the articles she writes.
She also has a lot of interesting topics, interpersonal skills, communication, and public speaking to name a few. Her articles are easy to read and inspire you to start the change in your own life, as well as offers you the tools to do so.

The Blissful Mind

This blog is created by Catherine, a mindset coach who is according to herself, a perfectionist, overthinker, and serial over-committer, and the three main components of her blog are; mindset, self-care, and productivity.
Her articles are easy to read, inspiring, and very thoughtful. The layout is bright and breezy, and I love the photography she uses.

My Favorite Podcasts

Self Improvement Daily

This is the perfect podcast for you who like quick daily reminders of the importance of personal growth. The host Brian Ford creates a 2 minutes self-improvement tip daily.
He has topics like; Positive Thinking Only? What Is Your Purpose? The Steps To Being Courageous. I really enjoy the short format, there is always time during the day to listen to a 2-minute podcast.

Natalie Bacon

Her website is beautiful, and she has something on her blog that I just love, she’s a full transcript on her blog for each episode that you can read and/or download.
She covers topics like; Emotional Eating, Self Doubt, and How To Live An Intentional Life. Her podcasts are usually around 30-40 minutes, but they are easy listening.

Beyond The To-Do List

This is a podcast where the host Erik Fisher talks with guests about productivity. He has covered topics like; Overcoming Internal and External Distractions, Good Habits and Breaking Bad Ones and Managing Stress and Anxiety. The podcasts differ in length between 30 minutes up to an hour. I really love the conversation style of this podcast. The guests he has on are usually very interesting, and they cover a wide variety of topics.

My Favorite YouTube Channels


MuchelleB was my big inspiration when I started my own YouTube channel. She has a second channel, no longer uploading here though, where she creates videos on how to start on YouTube. But this channel MuchelleB is in her own words; This channel is for anyone that’s on a self-growth journey to live a more intentional life.
She uploads once a week and example of titles are; How To Stop Waisting Your Time, Decluttering and Organizing My Life, and 7 Self Care Ideas Have the Ultimate Self Care Day.
Her videos are often between 5 – 15 minutes long, beautifully edited, and easy to watch and listen too.

The Art of Improvement

I love this channel for many reasons, but one of the most important ones is how they create their Personal growth videos, they are all animated.
This is how they present their channel; Want to transform your life and make yourself better in any and every aspect of it? We make videos to help you learn how you can better yourself, how to be more productive, how to take care of yourself – basically anything about self-help, life lessons, and personal growth.
Some of their titles are; The Complete Guide To Developing Your Focus, 4 Things Emotionally Intelligent People Don’t Do, and 6 Habits of Insanely Productive People. The length of there videos varies from a couple of minutes up to around 15 minutes.

Sam Laura Brown

Sam in her own words; I’m a mindset coach for perfectionists, a personal development blogger.
Her channel cover topics like; 3 Reasons You’re Not Achieving Your Goals | HOW TO CHANGE YOUR SELF-IMAGE, 10 Positive Affirmation Dos + Don’ts | LAW OF ATTRACTION SECRETS + ADVICE, and Why You Can’t Figure Out What You Want | HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR LIFE.
Her videos are between 5 minutes up to 30 minutes. Her videos are easy to watch and listen too.

My Favorite Online Courses


Skillshare is my most used website for online courses. They have paid and free courses on a wide variety of topics, but today I am looking at personal growth classes specifically. All courses are video courses, some include exercises for you to do others don’t.
I searched for personal growth classes that are free and these are some of the results I found; Emotional Intelligence – Quik-Tips for Self- Awareness Practice, 3 lessons a total of 10 minutes, Reflection – A Self Leadership Tool To Positive Change, 6 lessons a total of 32 minutes, and Communications Styles for Stronger Social Connections 12 lessons a total of 43 minutes.
Skillshare also has a membership program and it cost $59.00 per year for an individual. This gives you access to both the free and the premium courses.


Udemy is another site offering free and paid courses in a wide variety. The difference between Udemy and Skillshare is that on Udemy you pay per course. But as I said they have a lot of free courses as well, in all different categories. So as always I searched for free personal growth courses and found 1563 courses. Some of the titles are; A Mini Course on Time Management, How to Use SMART Goals: Achieve More in Less Time and Beginners Guide To Getting Organised.
They are all video courses and for the free versions you only follow the video tutorial, there is no interaction with teachers or other students.

Class Central

Class Central offers free University courses from top universities around the world. Some lead to certification and others don’t. So in my search for personal growth courses, I found 576 courses. Out of those 457 comes with certification. Some are self-paced and others are scheduled. So let’s take a look at some of the courses they offer: The Arts and Science of Relationships: Understanding Human Needs, Converting Challenges into Opportunities, Conflict Resolution Skills. All very interesting titles for personal growth.

Upcoming Resources

As I said, the amount of resources is overwhelming. In my next blog, I will take a look at books, e-books, and audiobooks, movies/TV, and real-life courses.
As I promised here is a link to the document with all links to the resources I talked about today and as always a link to my YouTube video on the topic