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My Next Series – Professional Development

Why this series?

I just ended my series about personal growth, and it that I left out all aspects of professional growth although they are closely connected and part of your personal growth includes aspects of professional development.
The reason behind this is that I wanted to spend some more time on the topic of professional development, there are so many aspects that I want to cover.

What I Will Cover

Besides this initial video and blog, I will also cover topics like benefits and goals for professional growth, both from an employer’s point of view as well as you as an employee. Setting goals and planning will be a topic I return too, in this case, more specific for professional development, and I want to discuss strategies and the difference in how to approach it for career enhancement versus searching for a new career.

So What Is Professional Development

It is the continued training and education of an individual in regard to his or her career. The goal is to keep you up-to-date on current trends and develop new skills. It focuses on gaining new experiences and skills that can have a positive impact on your current position as well as your future. It is about expanding your skills and thinking beyond your current way of doing your job. The purpose is to better your professional capabilities, and the driving force should be your willingness and search for improvement.
The purpose of professional development is not primarily to increase your pay or promotions. Some professions require professional development in order to renew certification or licensure.

Professional Development And Personal Growth

As I mentioned earlier professional development can be seen as a part of the total package for personal growth, and they are very closely connected. Almost everything I talked about when it comes to personal growth applies to your professional development as well. One can’t really exist without the other. And to master your professional development you also need to work on your personal growth in several aspects.

Whose Responsibility Is Professional Development

Back in the days’ professional development was equal to your employer offering you a course or a conference of some kind, you accepted and hoped this will lead to some kind of advancement. Not so anymore, today you are very much in the driver’s seat when it comes to your professional development.
Of course, companies still offer courses and conferences, but you have to be more proactive and take a larger personal responsibility. And today professional growth is just as much about developing your personal skills as it is refining your methods and skills in your particular field.

Forms Of Professional Development

Professional Development can be both formal in the form of courses, and informal as for example mentoring. And as I said it can be offered by your employer, but it can also be something you take on personally. To improve your capability as working in cooperative settings, and your leadership qualities are just as important as knowledge of methods and techniques within your field.

So if you are interested in finding out more about professional development you can start by taking a look at my introduction video which I link down below.
I have also an e-book about personal growth that now are for sale here