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My Personal Growth Journey

What I Present Today

In my video today I am giving you a snapshot of my personal growth journey. It is not a very detailed story, after all, at the age of 62, there is a lot to tell. But it is some of the most important points, where I took some deciding steps in one direction or another.
I am thinking about how I can best give you my full story, should I write a short story? Maybe create it in the form of a podcast? I am not sure which format would work best, so for now, I will just give you these moments in time.


Why am I doing this you may ask? And at times I ask myself the same thing. But after doing this whole series about personal growth it felt disingenuous if I wouldn’t share my own experience in one form or another. I have been writing, and talking, about personal growth from a very “theoretical” point of view so far, and why should you, believe me, a regular elementary teacher, with no formal education when it comes to psychology if I don’t share my own experience.
But even though I am very open about my life, my experience, and my opinion, it is hard to really formulate more than six decades of growth in an entertaining way. So please, bear with me as I keep on working on this part of the personal growth project and try to create something of interest.

What is next?

This has been a very interesting series to create both the videos, and these blog posts, and it feels a bit sad that it is over. But I am working on my next project, which will go hand in hand with this, as I am now focusing on professional growth.
A lot of the same principals will be referred to, but with a stronger focus on building a career that you feel is the right for you. Whether that is to stay within the field you are currently or if you feel that this is not what you are meant to do. I will try and look at professional growth from both sides, as well as find more unusual ways of growing professionally. And as with everything I do I will use examples from my own life.

So if you are curious about some examples from my personal growth journey, as always I will share the link to today’s video