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National Curriculum; Does it Matter?

Today’s video is about national curriculum. In U.S. we don’t have a national curriculum, each state has their own, but we do have Common Core Standards in math and English language art, which has been accepted in over 40 states.
I compare this to the Swedish curriculum, and how we in Sweden create local syllabus from the national curriculum, which is a model I like very much.

I am happy to say that I am all caught up when it comes to filming and editing. After focusing very hard last week I filmed and edited six videos, and they are all now scheduled on my channel, today’s video being the first of the six. Some of them are filmed on my new phone, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, and I like the video but are a bit hesitant about the sound quality. In these videos I used only the phone, but I think with a lav mic it might work well.

I have also started toying with the thought to do live broadcast on either Tuesday or Thursday mornings, or maybe both, at 9 AM EST, just to figure out more about going live, which is a format I really like.
I am playing with the thought that Tuesday’s could be a general chat, what is going on in my life, in the world, anything really, and Thursday’s I want to talk a little bit about what is happening on my channel, and my other social media, in this blog, and on my podcast. This would also be a perfect time to get input from you, what do you want to see on my channel or in my podcast.

So to today’s video, as always, if you like it give it a thumbs up, maybe share, and subscribe to my channel.