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We are nearing the end of this series, this is the second from last of the 9 types of intelligence. The Naturalist intelligence is much more than just the love for nature even if that is a big part of it.
There are so many “tricks” you can use when you are trying to find ways that encourage the naturalistic learner.
This was not one of the original types of intelligence when I first came in contact with the theory of multiple intelligences, but while preparing for this episode, as I was looking back to my own classroom in Sweden, I realized how much we actually catered to this intelligence without it even being defined back then.

I have filmed the three first episodes for September, ouch summer is over already, and I will try to follow the schedule of three different themes for the different days. Mondays will be about alternative assessment methods, and the first one I am diving into is the portfolio method.
Wednesdays will focus on different school types and teaching methods, in this first one I give a very general description and comparison between public, charter, and private schools.
Fridays will be my “hot school topic” days, for this part I hope to get some discussions going in the comment section, which is one of my goals for the channel, and maybe have you, my viewers, be an active part in suggesting topics you are interested in to discuss. I also have a vision of this eventually becoming a live series where we all can be a part of teh discussion in real time.

Talking about live broadcasting, when I was at artemorbids live the other day I met another creator, Andy Marshall, who really inspired me to try and start a podcast. At the moment I am just trying to use the audio from my series about the 9 types of intelligence and adjust them to podcast format, but eventually I want to develop this. You can find my podcast at https://anchor.fm/pixelpia Thank you Andy Marshall for introduce me to Anchor, it is a very easy platform for podcasts to use for a beginner.

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