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New “crazy” decision

OK so I uploaded a “bonus” video yesterday. A more personal video than what I usually put out. This one was about how I ended up in USA and why I stayed after my husband passed away.
I was a bit hesitant to publish it, because it is so personal, and I still haven’t that many subscribers that I thought that no-one would be to interested.
But I am so glad I posted it, because it has instantly become my most watched video, and that after just one day.

So this led to my new “crazy” decision. I am now going to upload three times a week. I am going to follow my original upload schedule with an “educational” video on Mondays and Fridays, all in the same style as I started with. But I will now add a more personal and playful video on Wednesdays. I am not sure if this will be well accepted and make any impact on my channel, but I will try. It is really fun to add these more personal videos.
I am not doing anything drastic to my planned uploads, I am just adding some mode playful and personal videos ones a week for a few weeks to see how it works.

And if you are curious about the video that led to this change…………