New pink

Finally got my new pink hair color done. Also went to the gym as planned. Feeling somewhat frustrated with the calendar situation still. Can’t get it to work the way I want it too.

I started to look at Evernote today. I think it might be the solution I am looking for, but there is so much to learn, and so many possibilities. Right now I think the best thing to do moving forward is just to make a decision and stick with it. Using Google calendar or Evernote?

Right now I am feeling very frustrated with life in general. Stressing about money, about time, about me-time, about this project. Is this just a stupid idea that I should forget all together? Why am I thinking anyone would be interested? Why do I even think I am capable of something like this? Why did I even want to do this in the first place?

And at the same time I get mad at myself for being “selfish”. My problems are really small, and petty, compared to many other peoples. I really should stop feeling sorry for myself, and stop getting frustrated over my “problems” when I , in comparison to many others, have a good life. But sometimes it is just hard to remind oneself about the positive aspects of ones life.

Maybe I  will be more positive and energetic tomorrow, for now I’m going to return to Evernote and try to learn more about its possibilities. If for nothing else, just for the joy I actually feel in learning. And I am satisfied that I finally got my hair colored.