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New Series -Success at Online College

I did not get to upload anything here when I started my new series about how to succeed when studying online. My first video in the series, which I published last Thursday, was about how to chose your online college. It is an overview of the many aspects to consider when planning to start studying online as an adult. Why should I go back to college? What do I want to study? Do I need regular hours? How flexible do I need my college to be? How am I going to pay? Do I need to update my tech? All of these question are valid to find an online college fits your needs, both academically, economically, and structurally. I hope this video will help you in your search for an online college that is the right fit for you.
I will link to that video below.

Today’s video in the series is called How To Best Prepare Yourself For Success, Studying Online. I hope it will help you on your way to success when starting your online studies. In this video I will share my tips on what to prepare and how to do so before you even start your first online class. I will talk about how to prepare and practice with your technology and software, how to prepare your schedule and your study space, and how to buy your books on a budget.
I have three more videos planned for this series, how to be successful while studying online, pros and cons with studying online, and finally a video about my experience from online studies at universities both in Sweden and USA.

This is part of my more “grown up” approach where I focus on lifelong learning. I will still make some tutorials, but I will also do more videos about adult learning, as well as what I call my life lessons.
Those are videos like the one about balancing your life, and what to do when life gives your lemons.
These are more of inspirational life lesson videos, where I share my view on what can improve your quality of life, and help you be more content.

In my last seven videos I have improved my editing, if I can say so myself. I have been able to include some b-roll to make the visual mor interesting, and I am finding more things that I am able to do when editing on the computer which I couldn’t do on my phone. I still have a lot to learn but once again my excitement of creating videos is on top.
I am also in the process of redoing my older thumbnails so they will fir in with my new layout. But so far I am just doing a couple at the time when I am creating the new thumbnails. I have tried to do them in the order they are submitted to different playlists instead of when they were created to get a more homogeneous look in my playlists.
I am also trying to take high quality photos of myself to use in all my thumbnails, but I don’t think I will ever catch up with that. So far I have used the same photos that are provided by Canva in a lot of my older thumbnails but used my new thumbnail template.
At the moment I have 13 thumbnails I need to take new photos of myself for, but I try to create a couple of extra photos for every new thumbnail I make, and that way I hope to eventually be all caught up.

I hope you are interested in my latest video, How To Best Prepare Yourself For Success, Studying Online, and I will link it below.