No, it didn’t happen

Rain all day, pouring, pouring rain. I can’t stand the cold and the rain no more. I am freezing, my fingers shrink, and I lost my second ring in three days. Somehow they just slip off my fingers without me not even noticing. And on top of that my car broke down Saturday, and now I need a new clutch.

So even if my intention really was to create my schedule and to-do list today, it never happened. This was just one of those days where you just want everything to disappear, and a new day will magically appear so you can start all over.

When I came home, and was going to start working on my to-do list, somehow i ended up on YouTube watching videos that has nothing to do with my project, like most uncommon eye coloring. And the weird thing is that after watching that I was unsure about my own eye color. Even though I looked in the mirror, and took a close up selfie, I can’t determine what color my eyes are. This started a long series of unlogical thoughts in my mind. What other things that I always thought I knew about myself isn’t so definite?

As I said this has just been one of those days. It is now 10.20 PM, and I am actually in the mood for at least setting up an outline for my schedule, so I can start filling it tomorrow. And I am still trying to decide the color of my eyes.