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Never Stop Learning

No teachers, no tests, no grades, students decide.

Today’s video is about a very different school model, that was new to me, and I was really fascinated by so I wanted to share the information with you.
This is the Sudbury school model. The students have total control of what they learn, how, they learn, and when to learn. It is also build on the principle of direct democracy.

As I said this is new to me, so I hope I got my facts right. If you know more about the Sudbury school model, please take the opportunity to be a part of the discussion in the comments. I am really intrigued by this model, and have a lot of questions myself.

I am sick at the moment, so my schedule is ruined. Normally I should be prepared to film 3 videos tonight, but I have not started my scripting yet, I am feeling a bit better today so I hope to get that done today, and if so I will be able to film tomorrow.

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