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OMG I am ahead

I am finally ahead on my schedule. After deciding to really do some bulk filming and some bulk editing, I have six videos up and scheduled, all work done such as descriptions, end screens, and cards. Part of this sudden ease to get the work done is that I’ve realized how I can utilize TubeBuddy for my end cards and cards. The more I use TubeBuddy, the more I find how much of a gem it is. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it, here is my affiliate code for downloading it TubeBuddy

I have also worked on my two next coming videos in the series about vacationing in Sweden. I have roughly scripted both videos, and am feeling so much better about the series than I did a few days ago.

Another very positive aspect of YouTube is the people you get to know. One of my favorites, that I got to know through Twitter is Go Grow Glowbern, she lives in Perth, Australia and makes vlog style videos about things to do around Perth and the rest of Australia.
We are actually going to do a collaboration. We both are immigrants, but we live in opposite places on the globe. This collaboration will be my first, and I am really looking forward to doing this.
I recommend that you visit her channel and show her some love, she is a truly inspiring video creator.

I have also created a new thumbnail template. I have redone some of my older thumbnails, and my plan is to eventually replace all of them with my new one. I am still not sure about the colors, but these are the colors I decided on in my style guide, so for now I will stick with them until I revise the style guide itself.

My new thumbnail template

I will try to get the script done for my Wednesday video this weekend. This is the series about starting YouTube without any prior knowledge, and without the ambition of making it your career. This will be the third episode in the series, and this time I will talk about what equipment and software I used when I started. I also have some tips for how you can keep yourself and your thoughts well organized when you first starts.