OMG someone gave me a shout out

For a while now I have been active in a couple of Facebook groups that are connected to YouTube. I am learning a lot but more than that, I have discovered some really great channels and got to know some really great people. It is a great support for new YouTubers like myself, and has been very inspiring to me.

One of my newly found channels that I love is biglohiphopTV, I am not into hip hop but you don’t have to be to enjoy his content. He is funny, but at the same time he talks about very serious topics, and his sub titles make me laugh. In today’s video he ended with shout outs to several channels, most of them are favorites of mine as well, and are people I got to know through the group. I am very flattered that I was one of them.

This also reminded me that I need to do things like this more often, not just think that I like something, spred it around, share, tell people about it, and this is my first step in doing so. I will show his video here, and please go check out all of his videos, you are in for a treat.