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Padlet the creative Bulletin Board Tutorial 1 of 3

Padlet the creative Bulletin Board is a web site I ran into recently, and I am so impressed by the simplicity and at the same time complexity of this web application. I am doing this tutorial in three parts, there is so much to cover, and in this first part I will go over how to set up and account at Padlet, this is my referral link and if three people sign up using it I will get an additional free Padlet, how to set up your first Padlet, and how to add three types of notes, text, import files, and link to a web site. With the use of Padlet I see endless opportunities, not just in and educational setting, as a teacher tool to create assignments and study material, and as a student to do assignments, reports etc. but also for personal use, maybe a recipe collection, or a motivation board, or for any business use. Once you get to know the functions of Padlet the only limitation is your creativity. In tutorial 2/3 I will go through all the remaining types of notes you can add to your Padlet, and in the last part I will go over the different types of layout you can chose to use and examples of when they are most suitable. I will also go through some of my favorite Padlets I have found as some inspiration.

I am really happy to finally get back into creating some tutorials, and Padlet was such an inspirational web application to start with. I had to make this into a three part since it was so much I wanted to show.
I am still very pleased with making only two videos per week on this channel and combining it with my live stream channel at Pixelpia Live
I am still going to do my talking head videos about teaching methods and assessments from time to time, but for now I will focus on tech reviews and tutorials for a while just to see if that make a difference for the attraction on my channel.

So let’s take a look at today’s video, I hope you enjoy it and that you get as interested in Padlet as I am. If you do leave a comment and a thumb up, and maybe share it with someone that you think would enjoy this web application.