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Padlet the Creative Bulletin Board Tutorial 3/3

Padlet the creative Bulletin Board is a web site I ran into recently, and I am so impressed by the simplicity and at the same time complexity of this web application. I am doing this tutorial in three part and this is part 3. You can sign up for Padlet (if three people sign up using my referral link I get an additional free Padlet).

With the use of Padlet I see endless opportunities, not just in and educational setting, as a teacher tool to create assignments and study material, and as a student to do assignments, reports etc. but also for personal use, maybe a recipe collection, or a motivation board, or for any business use. Once you get to know the functions of Padlet the only limitation is your creativity.
In tutorial 3/3 I will go through all the two last types of notes you can add to your Padlet, and the different types of layout you can chose to use and examples of when they are most suitable. I will also go through some of my favorite Padlets I have found as some inspiration.

I have started the work on my next tutorial, and this time I will create a very basic tutorial about how you can make a simple web page using Google Sites. I will make this into a several part tutorial as well, maybe two or three parts, but I will keep it very simple. One of the great part of using Google Sites is the total integration with all the other Google apps, like forms, slides, and docs just to mention a few.
I have also made and uploaded my new introduction video, since my niches has been narrowed down somewhat. It is still to early to say if this has had any effect on my channel but I am keeping a close eye on what is happening.

I have also ordered a new computer, it will not be here until next week, and I am really excited. Hopefully I can start editing on the computer instead of on my phone soon. But there will be so much to learn in the beginning, and I am sure that my trusted phone will still be my main editor for quite a while.
But what I hope will happen is that I soon can start live stream on my other channel Pixelpia Live very soon using the new computer, and that will open new possibilities for my live streams.

So to today’s video, I will show you some inspirational Padlets from other creators among other things, and this is my last tutorial for this time when it come to Padlet, but I am sure I will revisit it in future tutorials and create more specific ones, one idea I have is to use Padlet for a mind map. I hope you have enjoyed this three part tutorial.

padlet p3