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Parents and Teacher friend or foe?

Good morning, Friday is here and that means I am discussing a hot school topic. Today I am focusing on the relationship between parents and teachers.
This is topic that is very near and dear to me. I have noticed a big difference in this relationship between Sweden and the US, as well as a decline over time when it comes to the cooperation between parents and teacher, which really makes me sad.

We are both a very strong influence in the life of the kids, and should for the best outcome really try to work as a team, with the same goal in front of us.
I have also noticed that the older the students are, the less communication there is between parents and students, although we all know how hard it can be for teenager these days, and the really need a supportive team, like a parent teacher team.

I have now finished all the work to get my channel a face lift, I have changed all the thumbnails, and I have redone the intros for videos starting with the one today. I am so very happy with how it all looks, and nobody can make a mistake when it comes to recognizing a pixelpia video. I think I have branded myself , and done it successfully.

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