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Personalized Learning – can it work in our public schools?

Today I am back on track with my educational videos, and this method I am an advocate for using in so many ways. Today I will be talking about Personalized Learning – can it work in our public schools? In this video we take a look at what personalized learning is and the most common models schools use to personalize their students learning. Personalized learning and personalized learning plans is not the same as Individual Education Plans (IEP) as I explain in the video but can be a really effective tool to use in combination with the IEP.

When it comes to my channel and the work going on there I have started to plan some things for the new year. First of all I will do a thorough evaluation of my analytics and present that in an upcoming video, probably on January 10th.
I have also started to think about creating a separate channel for my live streams, this would be two streams a week, my regular Thursday morning chit chat, and then a second one more themed about life on YouTube, and YouTube specific questions and/or problems in general. I have not yet decided on day or time for the second live stream. If I decide to go that route I will continue to upload only two videos per week on my main channel Pixelpia Teaching & Learning.
I am also continuing toying with the idea of a separate channel for tutorials, but that is still something that will only happen after I have created several tutorials so I have lots of material to upload, and it would only be one tutorial per week.

So till today’s video, I hope it will interest you, and that you will give it a thumbs up and share it with someone. And don’t forget to subscribe and hit that bell so you get notified when I upload. It really means the world to me.