PixelPia Never Stop Learning
Never Stop Learning

PixelPia is changing

As my YouTube channel is changing so is also this website. I am still making two tutorials per week on my YouTube page, but I am also having a live stream every Wednesday, usually, 9:30 PM CST, where we have discussions about the internet and social media.
The blog will now follow the live streams, and I hope we can have an interesting discussion here on the different topics I will cover in my live streams.

How you can be a part of it?

Hopefully, we can have a discussion here, but that is not the only way.
As always you are welcome to use the suggestion form at the top of this page to share your ideas of topics to discuss, but I have also a public Google Calendar where you can see all the planned topics I will cover. If anything interests you, you can e-mail me and put live stream in the subject line, and either share your thoughts or maybe even be a part of the live stream as my guest.

Tonight we talked about trends in social media

I have read quite a few articles on the topic to prepare, and these were the points I gathered from people much wiser than me on the topic

Personally, I agree with all these points, but I also think that vertical video, as well as short-form content, will keep on growing.
What are your thoughts about trends within social media? Share your thoughts………