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Planning ahead

So today I took the time to look over my plans for upcoming videos. I also had to redo my schedule for the upcoming weeks for a couple of reasons. First of all because the weekend of May 18 my niece will graduate from medical school and we are going to Washington DC to take part in her graduation. May 25 we are going to a wedding in Philadelphia. So neither of these two weekends will lend themselves to any YouTube work.
The second reason is that we are going to move from New Jersey to Florida. Date isn’t set yet, but it will be soon, and I need some time to start packing and preparing for the move.

I am going to continue my series about how and why I started my YouTube channel, not that it draws any big crowds to my channel, or get a huge amount of views, no this is just for my own pleasure. It is so fun, and it makes me constantly think about what I am doing, why I am doing it, and what I can improve. and it is my Wednesday videos, which I always intended to be more personal and fun, the videos I do for myself.

My series about vacationing in Sweden will go on until May 31st, and after that I will start taking a closer look at my life in the US. I am planning a new series, where I, from a very biased and Swedish point of view, take a closer look at some American phenomena, some topics I will talk about during this series are self promotion, US patriotism, celebrity culture, and the culture of forever young. Maybe I will present some unpopular opinions, but I will try to be very honest. At the moment I have episodes planned up to July 8th.

I must say it feels great to have a planned schedule for both filming, editing, and publishing for the two upcoming months, even though I know that when our move become a reality I probably will have to re-arrange some of my plans.

This weekend I am going to film the two videos that is part of my collaboration with Go Grow Glowbern She has already filmed her part for me to edit and that made me really excited. This is my first collaboration, and I am so proud of doing it with Glowbern. We still have to decide on what date and what time we are going to go public with our videos, but I am so excited about this project.