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Private, Public & Charter schools, how to choose

Today I start my new Wednesday series where I take a closer look at different teaching methods. To start this off I begin with the public, private, and charter schools.
There are many differences within each of these, but in today’s video I give you a very general comparison between the three school forms, talk about some of the advantages and disadvantages of each, and what can be the deciding factor to chose one or the other.

In this series I will also deep a little deeper into the different teaching methods of some of the private alternative that I think are interesting. I have planned to create videos about Montessori education, Waldorf education. and finally the maybe least familiar one, Reggio Emilia.
I think that the public school system have a lot to learn from each of these, although I am not agreeing with everything within each educational method.

I really enjoy doing these educational videos, and although they might not be what will attract the most viewers on YouTube I will keep on doing them. After all I am creating this for me, and if just one person get something out of my videos, that is enough for me.
I am still a bit sad that I wont be able to dedicate October to Halloween, since we are still in New Jersey and all my Halloween gear are in Florida, but there is always next year, but I will try to make some Halloween inspired videos next month even if they wont be as intricate as I would have hoped, maybe I will do some Halloween on a budget videos, where I use what I have.

Enough about upcoming projects, here is today’s video