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Ending this series

Today I am ending my series of articles about professional development. It has been very inspiring to do research and create videos about this topic. On the way, I have found so many interesting web sites, sites where you can download great templates for both setting goals and plan for your career, but also web sites about career tests and courses for both career motivation as well as strategies.

Sharing my best links

To avoid this to be an article filled with links to my favorite web sites I have created a google document, link here, where I have collected all my links. I have links to all kinds of templates to use as a starting point, to web sites for courses and to build a digital career portfolio.
Through my research for this series, as well as my previous one about personal growth, I have compiled all my articles into two e-books. Something I never saw myself doing. If you are interested in buying them I have a link to the right of this article.

Give away on my YouTube channel

I will also have a give away in the last video I made in this series, where three winners will receive a copy of each of my books, all you have to do is leave a comment below the video and you will be entered into the drawing. Official rules are posted in the description of the video itself, and as always I will have the video linked at the end of this article.

What is next?

As I said, this series has been inspiring in so many ways for me personally. One of the things I got very interested in is the Myer Briggs Type Indicator, MBTI, and I will now prepare videos about MBTI and the sixteen personality types they presents.
I am at the moment unsure if this will also result in a series of articles here in my blog, but if you are interested in following along as I try to explore the personality types according to MBTI I suggest that you visit Pixelpia Lifelong Learning’s YouTube channel and subscribe to not miss any of the upcoming videos.

It has been intense

The month of July has been intense on my behalf, I have done so much more research than for any other series of videos and articles than ever before, and I am preparing myself for even more of the same for the upcoming weeks.
As a lifelong learner, this makes me both excited, and overworked. I can’t stop myself when I get my “claws” into a new interesting topic and spend many nights reading and collecting material. Thanks to coffee and my stubbornness I will always make it work, one way or another.

My final thoughts

I wish I had been this interested in questions about personal growth many, many years ago. I would have avoided being sidetracked so many times, and probably found my passion for teaching much earlier.
I just hope that maybe this series can inspire and encourage someone to take control of their own destiny much earlier than I did.
And as always, here is the link to my YouTube video