PixelPia Never Stop Learning

Reminded how much I love, and miss teaching

Writing scripts for my next series about the 9 types of intelligence and the corresponding learning styles. Started with a presentation of my old age-mixed classroom from Sweden which was very much set up to accommodate all types of learning, as I will use a lot of examples from that room.
Writing that particular script reminded me how much I miss, and love teaching. Especially from back in the 90’s in Sweden where we as teachers had so much influence over what, how, and when we were teaching.

The scripts about the individual types of intelligence and learning styles works very well, I have found a model for them that I think will be effective. I haven’t started filming any of them yet, but at the moment this feels very inspiring. It really wakes up the teacher in me, and maybe this will finally be the direction my channel will take. Only time will tell.

I have four and a half script ready for filming and I think I will be able to finish the one I’m working on and one more tonight. It is so easy to write when the topic is something you really care about.
If I do I will have six videos to film, and that would just be fantastic. That is two weeks of publishing videos, and that would mean that half of the series are done. If I keep up like this I soon have to start planning for September. October is already planned, it will of course be Halloween, if we move in time for me to film, all my Halloween costumes, make up, and wigs are already in place in Florida, so I hope I will be there in time to film.

I have still a few videos from my series where I try different YouTube niches and types of videos to publish, and today I did a take on the travel niche. I have done a travel vlog before, and that was one of the hardest video I have ever edited. Today’s video is from Washington D.C. and unfortunately a lot of the photage I took got messed up so I had to work with what I had.
I created a collage with no commentary, and let the imagery speak for itself. Luckily I had a lot from the Korean war memorial, which is just fantastic.
This series was so much fun to create and I am sure I will return to the topic again.