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Sad and happy

Today was a day filled with memories. It was 7 years ago today that I lost my husband, Louie. He was a videographer, and was never more happy than with his camera in his hands. He passed on a Saturday morning, without any fore warning, after spending almost the whole night editing old videos from back in his school days. I could hear him laughing and really enjoying himself.

His passing was so unexpected, and it really threw the whole family in a state of chock. As if loosing him much to early wasn’t enough, my father-in-law, Lou senior, passed the morning after the funeral, November 24, and five years later my mother-in-law passed on November 27.

Today I found some of Louie’s old master videos tucked away on my laptop, and somehow i feel like life is taking me full circle. I don’t know why I didn’t connect any of my thoughts about starting a YouTube channel with Louie’s love for video and film making earlier.

Not much was done today regarding working on my plan. But I tried to practice some editing skills using one of Louie’s raw masters I found from my 50th birthday. It includes both my now late in-laws, and is an example of much happier times. To edit I used my cellphone and Kinemaster, a small but very effective mobile editing software I have fallen in love with, so for today’s little video clip I give you my 50th birthday, in honor of Louis Tomcho. The music is Warm Embrace composed by The Second Life, and is a part of the premium assets included for premium subscribers, which I am.