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School Memories From Sweden

I have shared some of my teaching memories from Sweden, but today I will share with you my early school memories from Sweden. These are some of the more traumatic, and unusual memories from my first six years in school from 1964 to 1970. I also explain some of the differences between schools in Sweden and in the US, but the main purpose of the video is just to share a bit of my life and my experience from a period of time, and a place that probably most of you are unfamiliar with.

This video is more of a story time, no fancy editing or anything like that, just a talking head video where I share some of my memories. It was a long time since I did a more personal video, and since most people have a little more time on their hands I thought this was the right time to do so.
But on Wednesday I will be back with some more tutorials, this time I will make a tutorial about how you can use Canva specific for creating Facebook graphics.

Now to today’s video, if you are curious about Sweden from a Kids perspective in the mid 60’s this is the video for you.

School Memories From Swedenhttps://youtu.be/JnhQiq483kU